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Hello! You've managed to find the Secret Page. (Lucky you!) If you came here looking for Guitar Tablature, there is a list of songs below, just click on the one you want. If you came here looking for a "good time", perhaps you should go elsewhere. (Try the links at the bottom of the page!) This is where it's at, man! Let's just consider this our secret spot in cyberspace. (Don't tell anyone.)

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Secret Audio File

By special request of Mr. George Chenoweth, here is the Secret Page's Real Audio file (you need the RealPlayerG2 to hear this) of the Town Managers' song Secret. (This is the same version that once was on The Town Jukebox.) (Click on the song title to hear.)
By the way, the entire WKDU show, from which this version of "Secret" was taken, has been posted on the web in Real Audio format for your enjoyment. (I'm told it is encoded in Real Audio version 3.0 so that Web TV users can hear it too.) It's in the sound section of The Manownow Files.

Secret News

The Town Managers are still on sabbatical. Some people might say the Town Managers have broken up. Those people might be correct. ANYHOW Frick's other band, SOCK has just finished recording a follow-up to their never-officially-released album Your Hinus. They plan to mix and release the new album within a month. And Rick and Jonk have been playing a bunch of philly area shows along with two other guys, Steve and Dandrew, under the moniker The Low Budgets. Check out the Low Budgets Website

For a Limited Time Only there will be a new feature here on the Secret Page:
Jonk's Junk where if you are "lucky" you can win free junk from the Jonkyard. Click the link above, or this one here to see what is currently "available" (if anything -- this stuff is very limited supply junk, so click NOW, don't delay)

Here's a page about a band, or duo, I was in back in the 80's, with Dave Blood of The Dead Milkmen. We called ourselves The Ornamental Wigwam. We never had a drummer. Just guitar and bass (usually electric) and vocals. Sometimes Jay Schwartz (of Secret Cinema fame) would project movie clips onto us as we performed.

Ornamental Wigwam Cassette Art Shredder Single with No Cover

The Town Managers' first record release party was held at Philly's Stalag 13 on June 14, 1997. Unfortunately due to a shipping snafu the covers for our singles had not yet arrived from Shredder. (We had the records, though.) So we whipped up a couple dozen color photocopied special Flag Day Edition covers. You can view one here in "Actual Size". (It might take a while to load. It's the same as the inside to the regular Shredder single except in color!)

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