About Us


The Town Managers

There are 3 of us, Rick, Frick and Jonk, and, just like the Monkees, we actually live in the same house!  We're not related in any way that we know of, but we love to play music. We released two 4-song 7 inch e.p.s (the old-fashioned vinyl format -- check out this review of our second 7 inch by Colin Smith) (we're hoping to get a cd out soon) and we did a few tours of the northeast U.S.  We have some songs out on 3 different compilation cds -- e-mail us for more information, or if you're interested in buying any of this stuff.

A little bit of history: Rick Luau (who at  times goes by the name Chris Peelout, but that's a secret) is from Maine and came to Philly to go to Temple's School of Film and Communications.  He played drums in the bands Lice Krispies and Firepussy.  He plays drums and guitar and sings for The Town Managers.  His picture is at the top left corner of this page.

Frick Jones (who also has gone by the name Brian Sprenger) is from Southampton, PA and played drums for the legendary Users of the Force and for Touch Me Zoo (both now broken up) and currently still plays for Sock (who finished a new tape last summer) and was the substitute drummer for the pop punk band Krhissy before they recently split up. He plays bass and drums.

Frick on Drums

Jonk Provoc (who still uses the names Joe Jack Talcum and Butterfly Fairweather at times) is from Wagontown, PA and used to perform in The Dead Milkmen until they disbanded in 1995.  He also performs with Butterfly Joe and sometimes sings for The Big Mess Cabaret. He plays bass and guitar and sings for The Town Managers. (He was also a Touch Me Zoo member with Brian/Frick.)

How they came together: Rick met Jonk in '94 in Boston then moved to Philly in '95 at which time Rick and Jonk started writing songs together.  The idea for the band came then.  (There is a Town Manager for Rick's home town of Kennebunk, the inspiration for the band name.)

Rick organized a show for his dorm at Temple and wanted The Town Managers to play. Only problem was they didn't have a bass player. So they asked Touch Me Zoo drummer

Brian Sprenger and much to their surprise he said, "sure!"  He never played bass before but he was willing to try.  That was the spring of 1996.  The Town Managers didn't play again until the fall and by then they were all living together in a house in West Philly.  They filled in for a show that Touch Me Zoo couldn't play in the small town of Palmyra, Pennsylvania and had so much fun they decided to do it on a regular bowel-movement-like basis.

Extra special thanks to our naked roadie Vern for all his help, especially on tour, and for taking some of these photos.