Ornamental Wigwam

The Ornamental Wigwam

Ornamental Wigwam was Dave Blood and me.
I was going by the name Jasper Thread at the time
and I think Dave was calling himself "dash" which was spelled with at dash (-)
These pictures were taken at a show at the now
defunct Bacchanal, 13th and South Streets in
Philadelphia. We were opening up for the
awesome Baby Flamehead (as we often did).
You can see Andy Bresnan's Croatian bass propped up
behind Dave Blood in the picture to the right.
I'm not sure what was playing on the boom box
but it was something we wanted the audience
to hear.

The Wigwam Jams

The song we are playing in the picture to
the right is the Beatles' "And I Love Her"
(I'm pretty sure). We couldn't remember
all the words (Dave and I sang it in unison)
so we taped the music to the mic stands.

The Ornamental Wigwam played about a
dozen shows in Philadelphia, opening for
The Fondas and, most often, Baby Flamehead
and, once, the Dead Milkmen.

Wigwam 1987 These are the only photos I can find of
the Wigwam. I believe they were taken
by Andy Chalfen, who at the time was
living in a house in West Philly with us
and was playing in the band
The Wishniaks.

We officially released only one song,
Song No. 15 on the Your Soaking in It
compilation album. We started to record
an album at Studio Red in 1990 but
lost interest in it as The Dead Milkmen
began a year of almost non-stop touring
in support of Metaphysical Graffiti.