Photo Album
assembled by Jonk

Welcome to our photo album!  Most of these shots are from our eventful show  at The Outer Limits in North Lima, Ohio July 8, 1998.  They were taken by Tommy Chaperone, his girlfriend Amanda, and his friend Damian.

(Four more pages of photos were added Aug. 19, 1998. Use the handy menu on the left to view them!)

This is Frick and me at one of the booths of the club, which was inside a Knight's Inn.  We bought toy walkie talkies to stay in touch in situations such as this.

Here's Rick and me feeling the affects of a weeks worth of greasy spoons.

Frick is rockin out on the bass.  The air conditioning was broken in this club which overlooked the motel's swimming pool teasingly through a wall of windows. After our

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