We're the Ghettoest 7" review by Colin Smith

The Town Mangers further their plight for tight, melodic rackets effectively with their sophomore effort, a blast of high-energy rock balanced with very excitingly fun melodies played at breakneck speed. Maturing nicely, though never abandoning the thrashing goodness that made their debut so effective, "We're The Ghettoest" is a progression and a furtherment in one 7 inch record, utilizing everything and pretentious-izing nothing. Like its predecessor, "Ghettoest" contains four tracks and plays at 45 RPM. A more focused, tighter sound is inherent from the opening chords of "Eyebrow In General," the disc's starting point, and doesn't trail out in the least all the way through. Rolling through some interesting new territory (like the surf flavor mixed in to "Baboom Baboom" and the borderline experimental feeling of instrumental "Instant Happy,") no deviation is unwelcomed by the listener, nor is any uncertainty detectable in the execution. Kudos to the Managers for producing a strong record that's aware of itself and delivers exactly what it promises -- a sugar-fueled, melodic romp through a punk rock landscape devoid of lameness and filled with fun."

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