Favorite Sites

Here are some web sites that interest us.  Maybe they'll interest you too. Check 'em out. (Just click on the faces.) If you want your page listed here too, let us know.

John C's Town Managers Page

This was the first Town Managers page. It has cool pictures of our records and ordering info, plus cool links. (John also has his own pages about Burn Witch Burn and Touch Me Zoo linked here.)

Philly Fringe

This is an e-zine for the Philly Punk scene, with show listings record reviews and pictures. Worth checking out!

James Love Jackson

The home page of the greatest living punk band on the planet: James Love Jackson! They're from out near Lancaster, PA. We've played many a rockin show with them. Music that makes my balls tingle.

Trailor Park Riot

The best new band around these days! They're from Newark, Deleware. They shred skate sytle metal garage punk so check out their page!

OOK: Observing Obscure Kulture

A really nifty keen area of the internet maintained by my pal (and former Dead Milkmen Newzletter staff writer and artist) Mike Ace.  Several great articles (including an interview with me about my Kiddie Record Fetish) with excellent illustrations and a weekly "Mystery Sound."


Kittyville is a well managed town indeed, one you should visit often. (It changes frequently, and there is so much there to see I doubt you would have time to take it all in during one trip.) Content is well presented (proprietor Kitty Schmidt is a graphic designer by trade) and very engaging, ranging from macro-lens insect videos (Frick, Rick and I are particularly fond of the mantis) and twisted found letters and photos to top ten lists and knitting patterns! What are you waiting for?

Wred Fright's Funhouse

Wred Fright is a robot that makes some crazy music! This is a very entertaining little page with music downloads and other fun stuff. And it's free.


This is Brian Brannon's page all about his band JFA (very influential to the Town Managers and one of Rick's favorites) and his skateboarding adventures. Really well laid out and engaging.

Mojo Rising: Minutemen Home Page

The Minutemen are a defunt band that Rick, Frick and I love to death. This is a good fan page devoted to them with tablature, lyrics, photos and links.

Razler Records

Here is a new independent record company from Philadelphia with a great attitude. It was founded by my friend John Razler, of the Big Mess Orchestra. Razler released a cd by my other band, Butterfly Joe, recently. Check it out.

JP's Philly Punk Page

This is an awesome resource for all things punk in Philly. Also has links to WKDU, the best radio station in these parts, which is now broadcasting over the Internet for those of you who live outside our fine city.

Also, if you don't already know, the official Dead Milkmen site is at www.DeadMilkmen.com

Dead Milkmen or DM-related audio files (MP3s and Real Audios) can be found at Talcumland

This page was recently brought to my attention:
Treason: Webzine. It's a webzine run by a young woman named Amber, from Muskeegon, Michigan. It's got reviews and links and all the usual stuff, with a very personal touch.

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