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Town Managers at WKDU

We ended our tour, essentially, with 2 hometown shows:
One at The Circle of Hope Church in downtown Philadelphia (the neighbors called the cops who shut the show down minutes after our last song while a CD of an acoustic folksinger was playing relatively quietly over the P.A.) and the other was a live radio broadcast on John Paul's Sunday night punk show on WKDU.  We had a small studio audience including the band Firepussy, Josh, Kretch, J.P., our roadie and guest bass player Vern Z., and Conal our dealer -- book dealer, that is.  (I bet you didn't know The Town Mangers were voracious readers!  The minute Frick and Rick would get in the van they'd have a book open.  I couldn't get a conversation going to save my life!)

That's Conal, Vern and Frick to the left horsing around before the broadcast.  (Like us, WKDU still uses vinyl.) Conal was our sound effects technician for the broadcast. He's also my personal friendly computer tech support dude!  He sells used books on the internet and if you like books as much as we do check out his section at  His prices on used books are way better than those at!

Rick and Frick listen to the broadcast from the engineer's booth (right).  By the time we performed it was about 1 in the morning. (It took us a while to get our monitors to sound just the way we like them, with just a touch of shrill feedback.)  I wonder if anybody was still up listening.  Did anyone tune in?  Did anyone tape the show?  (Usually the dj has an on-air tape going, but not this night.)

If you're lucky and live in the right part of Philadelphia you can tune in WKDU at 91.7 on you FM dial.

That's our invisible naked roadie Vern on the left.  He's now the fulltime bassist for Camp Kill Yourself.

John Paul and Josh

This is John Paul, our WKDU host (on the left) with friend, Josh.

Audray from Firepussy with Kretch

Here is Audray (of Firepussy fame) with Kretch, rounding out the "studio audience".