Jonk, Frick and Rick on Civic Center Stage

Muskeegon, Michigan

Thanks to Rick Johnson of the band the Wack Trucks, we have these photos from our Muskeegon, Michigan show where we played at the West Muskeegon Civic Center with LiverDye, Wack Trucks, a band that sounded like Morrissey (can't remember their name), and a funny rap band (can't remember their name either).  It was the best show of the tour in terms of energy and audience.  Andy of LiverDye did a great job of organizing and

promoting the event. After the show we went to the beach (along Lake Michigan) where people were drinking and smoking by a bonfire.  No cameras went with us. (Frick on bass,  Rick on drums)

Our next and perhaps worst  show of the tour was the following day in Detroit, Michigan.  It was an all-day festival outside of a punk club called The Old Miami in what seemed to be the bad part of town, with local residents yelling obscenities and threats to the bands from their

apartment windows (which was the most "punk rock" thing about the event!). I'm surprised the show didn't get shut down.  By the time we played,  11 at night, most people had found better places to be. I don't think anyone there had a camera, thank God.

Here is a scene report from Detrioit that I found rather amusing (I am easily amused, though) in light of our expereince there. It's from the on-line 'zine "F**k Everything".

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