The Town Managers at Echo Studios

Frick in front of Echo Studios.

We didn't record anything at Echo Studios (the sound guy really knows his stuff though!). We played a show there last summer with the now disbanded Conspicuous Consumption (our naked roadie Vern was the bass player for that band and book dealer Conal was the guitar player).  Echo Studios is in the heart of Tulleytown, Pennsylvania, home of one of the best Kentucky Fried Chicken (I mean KFC, sorry) franchises where we have ever had the pleasure to dine.

Frick on couch in Echo Studios & Frick in front of his own  wall.

Oh, sorry about that. I lost control of my fingers briefly. All better now I hope. And that was not a photo of Conspicuous Consumption (above), that's Frick in his room before he painted the walls white. The Conspicuous Consumption photos are at the bottom of this page, I swear! It's a shame they broke up so early in their career. It was the drugs and egos, I tell you. Same old story, only they got it all out of the way after their second show (which was this one). R.I.P. C.C. I miss you!

Rick in front of Echo Studios.

Conspicuous Consumption

Conspicuous Consumption's final show.

Dandrew at Echo Studios

This is Dan Stevens of Farquar Muckenfus at Echo. (Do not take Beer or Cigarettes on to the stage.)

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