Rick Luau's Report from L.A.

Los Angeles

here in los angeles... ummmm. wait i cant go on.... oh well i guess i can...well maybe not....alright fine....the one thing that im damn certain since ive visited the notorious left coast is ....is.....sort of serious...if im gonna be sick or maybe even die there is only one place i want to be...not on the left coast...but in a gas station mini mart...so clean so bright so fresh...all those beverages. Yup. thats all there is to it anymore for me. I just feel like its a safe haven, a place to revive for the fresh. SAY PArty! SaY REViVE FoR THE FrEsH! in a car crusty? revive for the fresh at your local gas station mini mart. The helpful individual will assist you now...(louder) The Helpful Individual Will Assist You Now! i believe...i believe. I went through those hard times...i was on my last leg..then it spoke to me...(ask who.) Who you ask? it was the HELPFUL INDIVIDUAL> donut mess with my logic...i will believe in the helpful assistant i will make daily homage to local gas station mini mart...I accept this with 100% PURE SATISFACTION! cuz i know im the chosen one...he who has been saven...Jesus Saves at K-Mart! The Helpful Assistant OWNS K-MART! well maybe not the hole thing but he has some stock!!!!! listen man you tryin to start with me??? are you...im not foolin around i can type fast.............watch this!!!!! i have the patience of dr kevorkian, heres an example: this sentence was written one letter at a time every 2 hours and :43 minutes, impressive huh? Thats it men were through!!!!!! what who are you to decide?????? me im the seargent!!!!!!!! yeah
welll i donut like the way you dress or anything!!!!!!!!!!!

everyone just calm down...LA's weird...i dunno.

ŠAugust 25, 1998 Ricky Luau, All rights reserved.

Revive for the Fresh!
Rick's Second and Final Report

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