Rick's Final Report from L.A.

Rick in front of store with coffee in hand

my second and long awaited final report from LA....

The man walks at me fast like he's got something to tell me...he keeps direct eye contact with me, not even letting a blink hide his target...closer...faster....he stops dead in front of me and said in a reverby way " ooh, the donuts and chinese are sure to please , we know it will be enjoyment for you!" I looked deep into his things and said "dont you ever, ever, ever, ever, ever...do what your doing around me EVER again...ok? OK?" He looked at me and did nothing...you know why he did nothing? cuz he was beaten as a kid? cuz hes on welfare? cuz hes a boner in the limp dinks of society?noooooooooooooooooooo! hes not real! im stoned!

ummmm, freak this shite i need to type something different now..."Goodnight Springfeild! Thanks Alot we are the Antelope Sandwichs!" IM changing my name to PLus 1 so im always on the list! johnny is here to sip your milkshake , morrmy....did you here me moormy???did you? you know i donut like it when you donut like it when you donut answer me??? feel the bump ! oooooooohhhhhhhhh, the bump will save the day! John Donson roams the area in search for the shadys, he takes him out like girls with the tings! guess what? im not HIgh! i am im not not youll never know im probably naked in japan righht now? youll never know!
oh dude? on a scale that has nothing to do with los angeles, id give it a giant &...isnt & a number? My new band is CAlled &...then jonny said..."&" "hhow was your day? "


ŠNovember 30, 1998 Ricky Luau, All rights reserved.

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