Oh no, not more Photographs!

Yes, more photos. Our third show of the tour was at T.A.Z. (The Temporary Autonomous Zone) a live-music and
theater / art gallery / coffeehouse in downtown New London, CT. We'd played there once before with Pleaseeasaur (who has an "Atom & His Package" type one-man-band show).

That's me to the right at TAZ . It was the 4th of July but there were no fireworks. (Frick bought some later in Michigan, but that's another story.)

Thanks to Paul Bernardi, here's a photo of us at The Continental (NYC) below. Above is Rick on black L6S.

That's Pleaseeasaur himself below as he appeared with us at TAZ February 28, 1998 on his east coast leg of his U.S. Tour. He helped us book a lot of our tour and told people we were from Seattle.

That's Rick at TAZ to the left, and Ben Blankenship on organ at TAZ below.  Ben is the man behind the scenes of Pleaseeasaur and is currently working with the 'Saur and Ben Sheppard on soundtrack music for the film Cold Hearts (which should be out by next summer).
  (You might even hear a Town Managers song in the movie!)

[We now have pictures from our Muskeegon, Michigan show. But we still don't have any pictures of our Maine show (yet). You've seen enough photos by now, anyway, haven't you?]

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