"Streets of Philadelphia" Track Listing

  1. One 21 "Streets of Philadelphia"
  2. Kid With Man Head "Wuss"
  3. Anti Flag "We've Got His Gun"
  4. NC Thirteens "You're Crazy"
  5. Wolfpac "Evil Is"
  6. Bedford "Built a Phone"
  7. Burn Witch Burn "Jack Kevorkian"
  8. Krhissy "Matthew James"
  9. Last Place "Crestfallen"
  10. Side Affects "Shotdown"
  11. Latex Generation "Come Along Sorry Ass We're Going Places"
  12. Banner of Hope "Bar Room Brawl"
  13. Correleto
  14. Cooter "Walk on Water"
  15. Supergrub "Building the Bridge"
  16. The Town Managers "I Don't Care"
  17. Chuck Treece "Happy Birthday"
  18. The Boils "Crawl"
  19. Valistor "Curbside"
  20. Digger "Pieces"
  21. Freakin Cads "De Nile"
  22. Public Urination "Log Bitch"
  23. X Number 5 "Old Villager 73"
  24. Joystick "The Lie"
  25. Living in Denial "You Didn't Know"

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    Note: This compilation is the same one that was once known as "Beat L.A." It is now called "Streets of Philadelphia" and is set to be released Januaury 1999. We might have an out-of-date track listing. We will let you know when we get any updates.

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